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What information do we collect

We collect information only when you wish to do so by registering our website or signing up for a newsletter or filling out a contact form.

We only collect name and email so that we can send you various promotional offers on our blog. we also email you if you ask a question to help you.

Why your information is so important to us

  • To improvise our website based on your valuable feedbacks
  • To make our website a user-friendly¬†website
  • Helping our visitors to reply on every they had regarding our website
  • To send monthly emails like promotional offers, new product launch, discount¬†coupons etc

How do we protect you information

We protect on visitors information by implementing various security measures like using top leading web host for hosting our blog i.e Hostgator.

Using Sitlock and SSL certificate to protect your information. Even all our third party link also use such features.

Do we include Third party links

Yes, we include third party links which are quality websites i,e the official website of the product which we had reviewed. These websites are a secure and quality website.


Our Privacy policy was last updated on 2nd August 2017.

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